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Windows XP Security Virus protection Guide


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Virus protection and Spyware protection (Malicious software)

Ensuring your system is free from viruses, trojans, spyware, etc, you would require virus protection software that also scans for other threats as well. You can usually get an all in one product to do both. See my internet security suite guide for an all in one security product, which would include virus protection as well as spyware protection, firewall, rootkit detection etc.


Anti spyware Protection

Spyware usually slows down your machine, steals your data, changes your internet settings, and displays pop ups. For this reason anti spyware protection is crucial as well. 

To protect against spyware you can use Microsoft Windows Defender. Windows Defender is Microsoft’s own anti spyware protection utility and is downloadable from the Microsoft website.

Windows Defender anti spyware protection basically detects and removes spyware. I would definitely recommend downloading this if you are not investing in a third party anti spyware protection remover. Statistics say some common spyware threats have slipped through Windows Defender, however on the upside the utility is free! Although I would highly recommend if you are wanting the complete virus protection, spyware protection, built in firewall, and all the other essential security features is to invest in a solid Internet security suite.


Anti virus protection

If you do not already have anti virus protection software, then it is another product you must have in order to protect you computer. viruses can harm your computer in many ways, and in extreme circumstances, damage your operating system. Again an all in one security suite would be a good choice for complete security. If your looking for a solid anti virus protection software, read my Anti Virus guide to give you some help on which one to choose.

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