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Before reading on - If your looking for an excellent 3rd party Parental Control software for homes, schools or where ever you require easy to use and excellent security software keeping children away from dangerous websites, then visit my Parental Control page here.

User Accounts – Vista Parental Control software

Vista parental control software will ensure files and settings are kept safe and that any other users, in particular children are safe from unsuitable websites and programs. Using Vista parental control software you can set parental control for standard users only. Users with administrative privileges can set and customise parental control for all other standard users. Also they can view activity of users via the reporting functionality.

You can use parental control for all users’ accounts that access you’re PC or you can set up rules globally that affect anyone who uses on the PC.

Let’s create a child user account. Click Start, Control Panel, User Accounts, Manage another account, create a new account.


User accounts and parental control in Windows Vista


Now specify a name, I will use Child, and ensure the Standard user option is selected. We have now created a child account.

You will now see a dialogue showing you all the user accounts set up on your system.


Choosing an account in Windows Vista for Parental control


At the bottom of this dialogue, Under additional things you can do, select Setup Parental Control. Or you can also access Parental Control from Start, control panel, Parental Controls. Now choose a user, in my case I will be setting this up for my new user account, child.

Now I am on the Parental control page for my new account child. From here I can make lots of changes using Vista parental control software.


How to use Parental Control in Windows Vista


You can configure what parts on the internet a child can visit. As you can see from the figure, the medium level will block files with Porn, drugs, hate speech and so on. You can also block downloading of files.


Changing Parental control settings


You can choose to allow or block specific websites using Vista parental control software. You may choose to block all websites but specify exceptions. So as an example you may block all websites other than yahoo.co.uk, bbc.co.uk, childrenlearning.com.


Allow or block websites using parental control


Using Vista parental control software you can choose to put a time limit on when your child can use the computer. It may be between the hours of 9 – 20:00.


Windows Vista Parental control Schedule when a user can log on


You can limit them on what type of games a child can play.


control which type of games a child can play


You can decide on which programs a child is able to use, and block them from the rest. Or block them from certain programs and allow the rest.


control which programs a child can use


Your computer can keep a record of the user's activity so that you can find out things like how long the person used the computer for, which programs they used, which websites they visited, which blocked sites they tried to access and so on. To switch this feature on, put a check next to On, collect information about computer usage under the Activity Reporting heading.

So as you can see, if you are a parent, then Vista parental control software is a wonderful feature which you should familiarise your self with.

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