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Windows Firewall Logs in Vista



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Firewall Logs

Windows firewall can also keep a record of activity that occurs. If you want to turn logging on so that you know what is connecting inbound and outbound through your firewall then follow the steps below. Ideally this is only for advanced users who have some knowledge on source and destination addresses and port connections.

Within the Windows Firewall and Advanced Security dialogue, click on the Windows Firewall Properties link. As you are using your Vista at home, Select the Private Profile tab and click the Customise button under logging. Here you can see the log file in which the default is;



Customising logging settings for Windows Vista Advanced Firewall


The size limit of 4,096 KB can be increased if needed. When entries are added to the log, the oldest entries are deleted to make room for new ones, so the size never exceeds the 4,096 limit. You have the option to change the size, although 4,096 are sufficient.

Turn on the logging for Log dropped packets, and for Log successful connections by selecting Yes from their respective drop down menus. Drop packets are usually hackers attempting to access your computer, and in turn your firewall drops the traffic.

After turning the logging on, you can select OK to close the dialogue. If you now browse the Internet for a few hours, you can then go back to view the log.

You can view the log by select the Monitoring link on the on the left hand side within Windows Firewall with Advanced Security. You will now see the logging settings in the middle area. Click the file name specified in blue and Windows Notepad will open displaying your log.


Monitoring with Windows Vista Advanced Firewall


You can now see connections and activities through your firewall.



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