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How to use Automatic updates on Vista



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Automatic updates

Microsoft provides you with a feature to update your system in automatic updates, so you have the latest security patches. Also automatic updates allows for newer features, developments, and fixes to the operating system. For example if a new version of windows media player or internet explorer is out, the automatic updates feature will install these.

It is crucial in ensuring automatic updates is always up to date, as Microsoft release security fixes on a constant basis when new vulnerabilities and threats are found.


Using Windows update


If your updates are out of date, the Security Center will inform you and give you an option to update via automatic updates as shown in the figure above.

Click on Install Updates to update your system.

You can also configure settings for your updates. Click on change Settings on the left hand side as shown in the above figure.

You can now choose how Windows will install your updates via automatic updates. Installing updates automatically is recommended, always go for this option.


How Windows can install updates

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