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Internet Security Suite Product Review

Internet Security Suites are feature rich products consisting of a number of different all in one security tools. As the name implies an Internet Security Suite is all your security needs in one package.

Typically these all in one computer security packages would come with an anti-virus scanner, an anti-spyware scanner, email protection, functionality and a personal firewall. On top of these each internet security suite will have their own add on features and proactive threat mechanisms ensuring your PC is safe from threats. For example Norton 360 comes with back-up utility and other useful features.

Today these security suites are required on all systems, simply because of the amount of threats we are exposed to. As businesses have moved from manual paper based systems to online always on internet systems, so have the world of criminals moved from crime to cyber crime. Criminals now see and gain more money from computer fraud than anything else.

The three all in one security products we would recommend in an Internet Security Suite are Kaspersky, Norton and F-Secure. The reasons to this is as mentioned in our anti-virus guide, these three vendors produced excellent results when it came to finding viruses and other malicious threats. To add to this all three anti-malware products have excellent firewalls and have a very strong reputation when it comes to security.

Kaspersky and F-Secure are both slightly cheaper than Symantec's, Norton, but Norton does however come with some good back-up functionality as well as some very good ID Theft protection features. Also because Norton is a huge brand your paying the little extra for the name. Norton seems to be the most user friendly product of the three.


To visit Symantec (Norton) - Norton website

To visit Kaspersky - Kaspersky Anti-Virus Products

To visit F-Secure - http://www.f-secure.co.uk